Vending Machine Retail Store
User Experience

Alipay vending machine solution can free customers from loose changes and help merchants to have a better control of the inventory. In addition, existing machines can be upgraded easily with no or little hardware costs.


Easy payment

Free customers from the hassle of changing currencies and using cards.


Booming sales 

Boost your sales with various Alipay marketing products.


Low-cost Implementation

Upgrade existing machines with no or little hardware costs. 


Data insights

Know customers better and have a good control of the inventory.

Application Conditions

Business development capability

Have good relationships with merchants in the vending machine industry and can carry out business development activities independently.


Merchant support capability

Can provide different communication channels, such as email and phone, to support and resolve hardware or software problems for merchants.  


Operation capability 

With a certain offline operation capability, for example, can post POSMs on machine body.


Development capability (optional)

Can integrate with Alipay directly, or cooperate with existing service providers of Alipay.


Other requirements (optional)

Can provide or upgrade the hardware, or cooperate with existing hardware providers of Alipay.

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